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Concrete Pressure Monitoring

Your speedometer for concreting speed

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Monitor concrete pressure in real time - Optimum utilization of the formwork
Analyze the utilization of the formwork during concreting. The data helps you to optimize the utilization of the formwork, to ensure safety during concreting and to avoid damage to the formwork system.
Safe concreting of high walls and columns

Multiple, vertically arranged pressure sensors allow you to keep an eye on the concrete pressure at all times and optimize the concreting speed for more safety on the construction site and an excellent concrete result.

Safe concreting of self-compacting concrete
The use of self-compacting concrete is popular, but there are special regulations to consider regarding concrete pressure. Be on the safe side and monitor and optimize your SCC construction site with pressure sensors.
Safe use of single-sided formwork
Concreting with single-sided formwork is a challenge. Both the existing structure and the formwork must withstand the fresh concrete pressure. Don't take any risks and use pressure sensors to make sure that the concreting speed is ideal.
Concreting safely from below with concrete pump
Pumping concrete into the formwork from below is sometimes the best solution. The lower rate of rise is usually compensated for by the increased pump pressure, but what pressure is really acting on the formwork? Measure it with pressure sensors.

Product features

Intuitive dashboard with alarm function

Monitor sensor data in real time and analyze it in a well-organized graph. Also receive notifications for predefined, critical concrete pressure conditions.

Precise pressure sensors

The body of the reusable sensors is 3D printed and extended with two stainless steel levers, which serve to protect the actual sensor and as a disassembly aid.

The concrete in the formwork exerts pressure on the central membrane of the sensor. With each addition of concrete, this pressure increases continuously until the concrete begins to harden.


Simple assembly

For quick and easy installation, the PREMO pressure sensors are supplied with a comprehensive mounting kit.


A few steps to successful measurement

Mounting of the sensors
Attach the sensors to the formwork by inserting them into previously drilled holes and fix them to the formwork panel with screws.
Placing the formwork
Place the formwork with the pre-mounted sensors at the desired position.
Commissioning of the sensors

Connect the sensors to a "measuring node". This automatically sends the data to the hub which forwards it to the web application.

Concreting and analyzing

The concreting starts, control the concreting speed via the formwork pressure. The data can be analyzed in real time on the hub and in the web app. Limits can be defined in the web app, making analysis even easier.

Proven on construction sites

Even with hot water mixes the theoretical rate of rise was 180mm per hour. Working with PERI we were able to monitor the pressure from the very start and were quickly reaching a pour rate of 615mm per hour, without coming close to the pressure limits of the formwork. The maximum pressure was 36kPa on a 50kPa shutter – we could then maximize our loads per hour, finishing the pour in 9.5 hours rather than the theoretical 32.5 hours. We will be using the system again.

Dave RobinsonCivils Operations Manager, CIDON Construction ​
"Thanks to the pressure sensors from PERI, it was possible to solve this difficult task. We were not sure if it would be possible to pump the entire 30m³ of concrete from below."
Ingo LothmannHead of Product Management Concrete, Heidelberg Materials AG


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